A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.

- Margaret Meade

This is the fundamental underlying belief around the Business Innovation Group for Executives.

  1. We believe in diversified teams
  2. We believe in small and big working together.
  3. We believe in intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, mid-market and enterprise working together to solve the worlds biggest problems.
  4. We believe we can make an impact or as Steve Jobs said “make a dent in the universe”.
  5. We believe in agile, we believe in lean and we believe in testing and failing.

BIGE was created to build an innovation infrastructure around the Midwest and connect it to the rest of the world. We know that in our meager beginnings that those ideas whose times have come can create abundance for the people willing to champion them.

We hold monthly events where we bring people together to brainstorm around big problems. We are an invitation only for entrepreneurs, c-level executives, mid-market business owners, subject matter experts and key thought leaders.

Monthly events held in two markets Chicago,  and Indianapolis and our members identify, recruit and invite 600 potential partners in the cause that can attend our events to be part of our membership.


We have three basic Whys:
1. Build diversified teams around Big Problems
2. Build strategic Partnerships around Big Problems
3. Educate a Market to the DNA of its Innovation Talent


We are the scaffolding to solving the biggest problems that face our member by connecting the right people on the teams that are attempting to solve those problems.


1. Invitation Only
2. If you have been Invited you can Invite
3.  VP or C-level in your organization.
4. Partner well, we need people who don’t believe  whole world is a nail and they are a hammer.

What Attendees Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our they say:

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Chicago BIGE with Jim Micklos

October 24 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

About Jim Jim’s success is rooted in his belief that understanding his clients’ industry, organization, objectives, challenges, and people are essential to their mutual gains. As a seasoned performance improvement professional with extensive sales, marketing, and operations experience, Jim has a proven track record in…

Indianapolis BIGE with Dustin Ruhl

November 12 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 am EST

About Dustin Ruhl Dustin's has extensive financial industry experience primarily centered on commercial and private banking. He launched his own real estate investing company after working at several large regional banking institutions located in the metro Indianapolis market. Dustin brings a rich experience in developing…

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Influential speakers

Our speakers bring us an insightful message each month. Involving group brainstorming, breakout groups, role playing and more to get their innovation message and process into a actionable format to take back to your team.

Joe Indiano
CIO/Digital Business Transformation - Amicio Group
Haresh Gangwani
CEO & Co-Founder at Bolstra, LLC
Rich Earnest
The Earnest Group
Jim Micklos
Michael Haffey
Mike Seidle
Stefanie Krievins
Stefanie Krievins & Co.
Peter Fuller
The MadHatter Group
Scott Roberts
Mainstreet Health
Peter Fuller
The MadHatter Group
Mike Seidle
Michael Haffey

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Membership Includes
  • attendance for you and a guest to every monthly BIGE event
  • front of the line opportunities for special BIGE events and certifications
  • innovation continuing educational events 3 times a year
  • listing in our website directory
  • access to members only replays and resource material
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Be a Speaker


We looking for speakers that have global and local problems they are passionate about solving. We are also looking for internal innovators, founders, movement leaders, disruption technology engineers, inventors, consultants that are passionate about what they do, and more importantly what they can do w/ the help of others.


If you got something to say: Click the button below and fill out our application: We need your contact info, what makes you and expert and what problem you are passionate about solving.

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Sponsor BIGe

Be a part

Our organization is bringing C-level executives from all walks of life. . . from the boardroom to the warehouse floor, from the whiteboard to the war room. We believe in diversity for creative solutions to “big” problems and our sponsors see value in these rooms as well as our cause.

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Become a Coach

BIGE Certified Coach

Coaches serve on our BIGE projects.


Complete our in person training sessions:

  • Determining a LOFA
  • RITE scoring and ranking
  • Creating MVTs
  • Setting the Sprints
  • Measuring Success


Coaches can form a team for their projects


Certified Coaches are recommended to fill out teams

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Start a BIGe Meeting

Get BIGE in your city

Create a BIGE experience your city. Our team will provide a proven formula to get the right people to your meeting and our back office support group will help you fill the seats and market the heck out of your meetings.


If you have a desire to create an innovative atmosphere in your community, click the button and apply to get BIGE to your city.

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I have a Project

Do you have a problem within your organization that would benefit from our members experience? Fill in the form below and explain your problem and if it fits our format, we will put it in front of our team.

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